Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My rabbit keeps biting me?

how can i stop her from biting me. she bites when i feed her and hold her. i know some rabbits don't like to be held but we only hold her when necasary. any help here. she is not spayed and about 6 monthes old. plz don't suggest eating her cause i love her
It sounds like your rabbit is aggressive! Rabbits do not typically bite for the fun of it. They have been known to bite if frightened or when attempting to defend either themselves or their belongings, including their space. Rabbits prefer to be on the ground. A rabbit that isn't being held correctly will become scared and could bite in order to get the handler's hands to release them. This is why it is very important that small children do not handle or carry your rabbit around. Small children just do not have the dexterity to enable a rabbit to feel safe and secure and this could easily cause either or both to end up seriously hurt. Whatever the reason your rabbit is biting for, there are several steps you should take consistently. Always give a loud 'eeeeep!' whenever they bite you. This is how rabbits communicate to one another that they have been hurt. Follow quickly with a firm "No Bite!" Once the behavior has stopped, be as quick to offer a praise and love to reinforce their good behavior. However, as soon as your rabbit stops biting you from the point you try to hold her, try to pet her, slowly and calmly. Don't let her see your hand, though, or she'll find it a threat. For a while, other than petting her head, pet her back until she is calm and does not think about biting you. When approaching a rabbit that bites use a flat hand, palm side down, with fingers spread as wide as possible. But, as you consider your rabbit safe enough to pet on the head, have the hand several inches above the head and bring it down gently onto the rabbit's forehead and nose from the front if possible. Never let anyone, or even you, poke their fingers at your rabbit's face. They're very likely to bite, even if the rabbit isn't a known biter. Depending on the intensity of your rabbit's bite and your experience, you may want to use a pair of thick gloves at first to prevent any bites. When you become more comfortable, you can start practicing without the gloves. In time, the behavior will improve as the rabbit unlearns it with your help, patience and love.
bite it back, that'll show it
approach slowly at the rabbit no sudden movements and pick it up
Is there any way you could get her spayed? It really does make a big difference for a lot of female rabbits in terms of behavior.
rabbits can be very dangerous!! watch the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail ,when you get a chance! You Will See!
Only holding her when necessary is the problem .. she isn't used to it. Hold her daily and let her learn you will not hurt her. And get her spayed ... does aren't always the best pets, but spaying helps.
Get her spayed I have worked with rabbits for years and that's the only way to solve the problem. Find a vet that specializes in small animals.
My rabbit when she was nearly one started biting. i was told by a friend who also owns a rabbit that we have salt on our skin that the rabbit can smell and wants. he told me to get a salt lick which you can buy at the pet shop. After that she never bit again ever. Give that a try but remember to always have fresh water available for your rabbit as it makes them thirsty.

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