Monday, May 24, 2010

Saving the turtle shell after it's died?

my pet turtle died yesterday, and i was just going to bury him in the backyard. but my friend told me today that there are ways of saving his shell? the way he told me seemed very disrespectful (hang the turtle in a tree, let the bugs eat him, leaving the shell) i was curious if this was the only way, or if i can take him somewhere to get it done.
i am a taxidermist...would be very easy to clean your turtle out of his shell...taixidermist would be your best bet
May be a taxidermist.
sounds good to me...
Yeah the taxidermist can help you scrape him out.

Sand Tiger Shark & Tiger Sharks?

Are these two sharks two differant spieces, or are they the same. If the two are differant, I know the Tiger Shark is a shark in which you need to watch out for while swimming, but what about the Sand Tiger Shark?
Tiger sharks are in the top 3 most dangerous shark species(with the bull shark and great white). Sand tigers have some mean teeth, but are smaller and most likely don't pose a threat to humans. look at pictures on google to see for yourself.
Yes they are two different shark the sand tiger is ugly and the tiger is sleek.
do a search on google or yahoo for sand tigers and tiger sharks and you will see a big difference.
They are two different species. The tiger shark is the dangerous one. Luckily, tiger sharks don't have people on the menu as their first choice.

Sally's thinking about pet insurance - I'm looking for examples of unexpected vet costs to convince her.

Sally's thinking about pet insurance. Personally I think it makes sense, I get the impression that it can cost ALOT of money to use a vet in an emergency. Can anyone give me examples of things that have happened and estimated cost please? I don't really know what - hit by a car, unexpected illness - she hasn't been a pet owner for long and I'm not one so I have no idea.
Pet Insurance isn't just for the emergencies it is also for preventive measures. I personally have pet insurance on both of my dogs. Good thing too because they have gotten into mischief in their short lives. We stayed in a motel room in Washington left the dogs in the room while we went out to eat. When we came back Rockie was foaming at the mouth and having seizures. We are out of town now with a sick puppy. Rush him to the nearest emergency room and he was in icu for the rest of the day and night and half of the next day. With the insurance I had to pay $500.00 without the insurance the bill would have been over $2000.00. At home about a month ago. I let Rockie and Bandit out in the backyard. When I stepped out 3 stray dogs came after me. Rockie being the "killer" that he is decided he was going to take on all three dogs. Did I mention Rockie is a Chihuahua. Well the one dog grabbed him before I could and had him in his mouth. Another trip to the emergency room. I only had to pay $50.00 this time and it was an after hour call with stitches, shots , xray and medication. So Pet insurance is a great thing to have. You never know what animals may or may not get into. Also Care Credit is another great thing to look into. It is a medical creditcard. You can use it for your medical bills along with vet bills.
with an operation you could think in the direction of a 1000鈧?depends also on what kind of pet of course. i had a dog who has pretty sick, i can tell you that麓s not cheap, so get the insurance and good luck
Unexpected vet cost- Your pet eats something (a sock, a ball...) and it gets a blockage in its digestive tract. That requires emergency surgery and can cost around 1000 bucks, depending on your pet.
Another good one, some illnesses can cause your male pet to have prostate problems which can lead to a urinary emergency... and surgery... and it ain't cheap.
Your pet can break a limb and need it surgically set. Your pet can catch a virus and need to be kept at the vet for supportive care.
Those are some of the ones I can think of.
The emergency vet in my area just for the vet to look at the animal is $300.00 Not including cost for the vet to work on the animal. I think insurance is worth it.

Saddle Fitting?

I just got a saddle to try on my horse(a APHA mare). But I'm not sure if it's a right fit. The saddle fits really well, but it almost feels like the saddle is too flat on her back. It is a full qh by circle Y.
I have two parts two parts to my question:
1. How much distance should there be between the horse's back and thet saddle seat?
2 Is it okay if the skirt it raised up from the horse's rump a little bit?
i'm not sure cuz i use tree-less saddles. get a horse- person out there w/ you who knows this stuff. i don't think the skirt should be raised from the horse's body at all. for western saddle, i think you should not see light, but if english saddle, then you should see some light coming between the pad and saddle. i almost forgot- ask this in the horses section, you will get more answers that way.
Man.. you're so lucky. It's been a years since I ask my father to buy one. But I got no luck.
Sorry 'bout your horse, I dunno anything bout it. Maybe you should ask pro.

Riding Lesson. HELP!?

I have been riding western for about 2 years. Well tomorrow I am getting my first lesson in an English saddle. I am a bit scared. And what do they teach you? And also is English riding more difficult than western? Im only 13 and im not very strong so will english riding be ok?
English is not that hard if you know how to rise to the trot and have good balance you should be fine. You do tend to have tighter reins in English. I'm sure you will be fine and will have heaps of fun.
English is a lot of fun and you do not have to be super strong to do it, you will build muscle as time goes on.
Don't be scared. It will be different than what you are used to but the mechanics of it are similar. In english lessons, everything is pretty much the same as western except that you sometimes have to post the trot rather than sit it. English riding is more about balance than strength. There are children much younger and smaller than you who ride english safely. You'll do just fine! Make sure your instructor moves at your pace and doesn't move on to the next step until you are comfortable with it.

Retire horses?

I have to horses That I dont ride they need good retirement homes.
Your question is addressing an ever growing problem since the closure of basically all of the horse slaughtering facilities. The horse retirement farms are full and have really really long waiting lists and tons of people have horses they don't want to take care of any longer but can't find a good way to get rid of them even by attempting to sell them. The problem over the next few years will get exponentially worse.
I hope you have luck at finding a good home for them, but you may have to face the fact that you might be stuck with them till they die.
Ryers...but i know there is a long waiting list.
where r u at? mabye you can find someone in that area? what about the horses? age stuff like that. why r u finding a home? you dont have the time or is somethign wroung with them? you can email me at and i can try and help
Post them on Petfinder:
Be very clear in your ad that they are retired and not for riding. Make sure you charge a reasonable adoption fee so that you eliminate anyone who wants to resell them. A contract would be a good idea. Go to visit the prospective adopter's home before you give the horses away. Good luck.
Contact a rescue group or the ASPCA.
Depending on where you live, the ASPCA may have livestock facilities and can find new homes for horses.
For more information, contact your local animal shelter. They may be able to give you some information on that.

Respiratory problems that goes to all animals? Help.?

We have a cat center and something is killing the cats some with respiratory problems then some with nothing wrong and a bird we have passed away from the same problems. Antabotics won't help,Vets don't know what else to do. Anyone know what is going on?
Would really need more information about the disease to help out but.. the usual suspects are viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxic living conditions (something as simple as some cleaners will kill a cat and a bird no prob!), etc. The easiest way is to send one for post-mortem and tissue histopathology and culture. It will cost some money but will be better for everyone in the long run. Special stains will say if it is viral, fungal or bacterial. Culture will tell specifically which. Toxicology screen will be necessary if the above are ruled out. I would be very concerned as you and the other staff may be at risk!
Have you tried separating them? Disinfecting the cages/play area/etc? If the vets don't know, why would you assume unqualified strangers would know?